Admission to an international institution is one of the most cumbersome and exhaustive processes apart from questing for an international career. We understand this better than anyone else and thus we offer whole range of services from the start to make the process as simple as possible.

For Students & Parents

  • Educational & Career counseling
  • Scholarship assistance and course selection
  • Admission guidance along with on-spot admissions
  • Documentation guidance and visa processing
  • Pre & post Departure briefings and related crucial information
  • Travel assistance, Airport Pick up and accommodation assistance together medical insurance
  • Migration, Visitor Visa, Residence Permit Services
  • Information about English Language and classes (IELTS, TOFEL and PTE)
  • Information about Turkish Language and classes (TOMER)

To Education Providers

  • Represent Turkish Education System by qualified and international Marketing team.
  • To promote their products and services across the continents to get the most talented and culturally diversified students.
  • Establishing Turkish education Agents Network on behalf of partnered institutions/ universities/ colleges by various Marketing and branding strategies to promote and increase international recognition and ranking.
  • To become an international representative for the education providers of Turkey to Asian and Middle-eastern educational market.
  • Highly Qualified and accurate marketing with coverage to thousands of students per day via multiple social media channels.
  • Designing and Printing of promotional material upon request of partnered institutions.



  • Opening a International (multi-currency) Bank Account
  • Social Security Number – Mandatory for legal processes.
  • Driving License (International & Local)
  • Registration with National Health Insurance & related services (SGK).
  • CV Building, Internships, part-time job opportunities etc